Monday, September 14, 2009

Buenos Aires for Christmas

Leslie and I arrive in Buenos Aires very late on December 21st and have decided to stay for seven days to enjoy Christmas and all the festivities that accompany the holiday in BA. We have rented an apartment in the San Telmo district.

From Wikipedia:

San Telmo ("Saint Pedro González Telmo") is the oldest barrio (neighborhood) of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a well-preserved area of the Argentine metropolis and is characterized by its colonial buildings. Cafes, tango parlors and antique shops line the cobblestone (adoquines) streets, which are often filled with artists and dancers.
San Telmo's attractions include old churches (e.g. San Pedro Telmo), museums, antique stores and a semi-permanent antique fair (Feria de Antig├╝edades) in the main public square, Plaza Dorrego. Tango-related activities for both locals and tourists are in the area.

We rented this apartment for the week for the princely sum of $250 for the whole seven days! Anyone want to join us?